Peer review process

The procedure of reviewing manuscripts of the articles in the journal "Scientific Papers of the Legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine"

  1. The articles submitted to the editors are registered by the executive editor. The author receives an e-mail notification about getting the article, a mark on the time of reading the letter is made in the log of registration.
  2. The executive editor pre-determines the compliance of the manuscript to the journal's profile and the requirements for its design. Materials that do not meet these conditions, in agreement with the Editor's Deputy, are returned to the authors indicating the reasons for the refusal.
  3. Manuscripts of articles of a scientific nature undergo an editorial scientific expertise, which determines their compliance with the stated issues, the degree of disclosure of the topic, scientific novelty.

Expertise is carried out by independent reviewers - leading experts in the field of science, which corresponds to the given article. Licensing is carried out using the method of "double blind reviewing".

All articles are checked for the absence of plagiarism.

  1. Expertise is carried out according to the following criteria:
  • Informativeness and completeness of the title of the article and annotation
  • The structure of the article (the presence of an introduction, chapters, conclusion, applications)
  • Transparency and accessibility of the article for the target audience of the journal
  • Completeness and relevance of the bibliographic description of the cited sources
  • Correctness of the execution of a bibliographic description of the cited sources
  • Compliance with the stylistic rules
  • Adherence to the rules of grammar
  • Relevance and originality of the article
  • The scientific value of the research results
  • Clarity, correctness and transparency in the formulation of goals and objectives of the article
  • The quality of the argumentation of the main ideas, abstracts, provisions and conclusions of the article
  • The level of proof of the author's argument
  • Reliability and correctness of citations and references
  1. In case of discrepancy of the manuscript with the specified criteria, the executive editor, in agreement with the Editor's Deputy, passes the manuscript to the members of the editorial board on the issues of the article to make a decision on the recommendation to revise the article or reject it from publication.
  2. If the article needs to be revised, then the author is sent a review. After the correction of the comments the author sends the article to the editors

If the article was returned for revision, when re-referring to the editors it should be noted in the name of the file: "refined / finalized."

  1. The review is given to the author (authors) in a printed form and / or sent by e-mail with a note about reading the message. Confirmation by the author (s) of the fact of receipt of a review is considered to be the fact of familiarization.

The author (authors) of the article may find a motivated discrepancy with the results of the review. The decision for further review of the article is taken by the Editor-in-Chief or the Editor's deputy.

In case of agreement with the comments of the reviewer the author (authors) of the article have the right to make changes in it and submit the article for review again. In this case, the review procedure is repeated. The date of receipt of the article in the editors is the date of its last submission after the edit.

  1. The final decision on the publication of the article is taken by the editorial board of the journal.

With slight remarks that require only editorial corrections and with the consent of the author (s) a decision to publish the article can be made.

To meet the requirements assuring a quality translation, the final version of your manuscript (as approved by the editorial board after implementation of all the necessary amendments in response to reviewers’ comments) is to be edited by a professional editor. Our editorial board performs an additional quality check.

After the volume is published, all the authors receive the link to electronic version of the journal. A print volume is also mailed by post.

By submitting their manuscripts, authors agree with the journal’s Open Access Policy and publication ethics