Focus and Scope

Field of application and problematics

The scientific journal «Scientific Papers of the Legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine» publishes the original reviewed research materials and overviews of articles in the field of law, economics and public administration.

In the field of law: theory and history of state and law; the history of political and legal studies; a constitutional law; municipal law; civil law and civil process; family law; international private law; commercial law; economic and procedural law; labor law; social security law; land law; agrarian law; environmental law; natural resource law; administrative law and process; financial law; informational law; criminal law and criminology; criminal enforcement law; criminal procedure and criminalistics; forensic examination; operational search activity; judicial system; prosecutor's office and advocacy; international law; philosophy of law.

In the field of economics: aspects of the development of regional social and economic systems; regional economy, innovative development of sectors of the regional economy, social and economic development of the regional space, state regulation of regional development, regional economic security management, regional administrative management, local self-governance, self-sufficiency and renovation of territories. We invite authors to submit their ideas on organizational, economic, managerial and legal mechanisms for the development of regional socio-economic systems.

In the field of public administration: theory and history of public administration; mechanisms of public administration; public service; local government.