Analysis of legal mechanism for ensuring the functioning of the modern health care system in Germany

Keywords: public administration, legal mechanism, health care system of Germany.


The provision and functioning of health care in many European countries has undergone several interventions at different times. Because it was conceived on the basis of different worldviews in social and historical construction, from the simple concept of the absence of disease to a broad concept with different dimensions such as biological, behavioral, social, ecological, political and economic. After World War II, the concept of the World Health Organization (WHO) was adopted worldwide, which defines «a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being which does not consist merely in the absence of disease or infirmity» [1].

However, at the national level (taking into account the international content) an own legal mechanism is being formed to ensure the functioning of the health care system, which is the basis for the formation of the national health care policy and the functioning of the system as a whole.

The aim of the article – research and analyze the legal mechanism for ensuring the functioning of the modern health care system in Germany.

The scientific novelty is to further develop research into the legal mechanism for ensuring the implementation of modern health care policy and the functioning of the health care system based on the current legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Research methodology is based on general scientific and special scientific methods, in particular, the analysis of current German legislation was built on the methodological basis of formal logic using the deductive method (analysis) and the inductive method (synthesis); conclusions are formulated with the help of system-structural analysis and historical-legal, formal-logical, formal-legal, dialectical methods of scientific knowledge.

Conclusions. According to the results of the analysis the legal mechanism for ensuring the functioning of the modern health care system in Germany, it was established that all legal areas of social insurance are gradually transferred to the Social Code (Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB)); federal lands have their own legislative powers and are responsible for the implementation of federal laws; in its general sense, the field of medical law may include, in addition to social law, hospital law, emergency services law, non-medical medical professions law, pharmacy, medical equipment and other pharmaceutical law. This field, which focuses on public law, is often also called public health law.


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