Military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine as a challenge and threat to international world and human security

  •  O. T. Voloshchuk Ph.D., docent, Acting Head of the Department of International and Criminal Justice of the Chernivtsi Law Institute of National University «Odesa Law Academy»
Keywords: aggression, military aggression, Russian-Ukrainian war, international peace and security, international security, threats and challenges to human security, counteraction and prevention of military aggression, UN reform.


This article is devoted to one of the most acute and urgent problems of our time – military aggression.

The author aimed to explore the concept, nature and essence of military aggression as the greatest threat and challenge to international peace and security of mankind in the XXI century through the prism of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The elements of scientific novelty of the study include the following conclusions, results and proposals of the author: first, it is proved that the aggressive war of Russia is directed against the independence of our state, which threatens not only Ukraine but also Europe and the world, encroaching on international law and security of mankind, the basic principles of international law, morality and humanity; secondly, it is concluded that such a phenomenon as military aggression is completely incompatible with the ideas of anthropocentrism, humanism, goodness and justice, which should be the basis of the modern world order to promote peace, tranquility and prosperity of nations and peoples; thirdly, concrete proposals have been made to reform the UN and its main body responsible for international peace and human security, the UN Security Council, in order to create a truly effective mechanism for international security that would prevent an aggressive war, prevent and counter this shameful phenomenon of modern reality.

To achieve the goal, such methods as dialectic, comparative, formal-logical, communicative and phenomenological was used.

It is concluded that new challenges and threats caused primarily by globalization processes and intensive development of science and technology – the latest world order with new geopolitical orientations, the emergence and use of new weapons, improving methods and means of warfare, changing the basic and emergence of new forms of war – dictate new methods and means of international security. It is also important in the formation of a renewed system of international security to strengthen the idea of protecting peace in the minds of the people, which will promote progressive development, peaceful coexistence and harmony between peoples.


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