The European standards of prosecution as important element of reforming law enforcement system

  • V. A. Mykolenko кандидат юридичних наук, проректор Східноєвропейського університету економіки та менеджменту
Keywords: prosecutors, law enforcement system, law enforcement, the European standards, constitutional modernization.


The article investigates the constitutional and legal features the introduction of European standards of prosecution as an important component of the overall reform of the law enforcement system of Ukraine. Analyzed the functions and powers of the prosecution in accordance with European legal standards. Based on the analysis systematized forms, methods and practical aspects of the organization and activity of organs in modern conditions intergovernmental European integration. It is noted that the construction of the European model of prosecution is an important activity of the state and important aspect of the modernization of the enforcement activity in modern conditions of European integration and the implementation of the intergovernmental Ukrainian legislation to European legal standards, institutional and instrumental legal content.


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