Modern consisting of legislative providing of criminal legal policy in Ukraine

  • T. M. Barabash Law, associate professor, Manager, the department of monitoring of legislation, The Legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
  • L. V. Levytska Law, associate professor, Deputy of manager, the department of monitoring of legislation, The Legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Keywords: criminal legal policy, penal law, penal judicial law, Criminal code of Ukraine, Criminal code of practice of Ukraine, problem questions, improvements, legislative providing.


The decision of questions of criminal legal safeguard of major public values, blessings and interests, fight, with acts, which fall under the signs of criminal offence, improvement of procedure of pre-trial investigation of criminal realizations, criminal judicial legal proceeding, belongs to one of major functions of the state.

Necessity of research of problems, related to realization of public policy of providing of legality and law and order in a country, guard of rights and freedoms of man and citizen, fastened Constitution of Ukraine it is predefined the increase of role of right in the process of the social adjusting. Because of that a law is always predetermined the real necessities of society, change of socio-political, economic terms of life, predetermine the necessity of subsequent reformation of legal grounds and order of bringing in to criminal responsibility in direction of strengthening of defense of rights and freedoms of man.

The purpose of the article is illumination of the modern state of legislative settlement of questions of criminal legal policy on the example of changes to criminal and criminal judicial laws and author vision of decision of law making problems in this direction.

The scientific novelty is related to that scale of modern reforms, importance of prognostication of new processes and tendencies, which appear in the policy and legal sphere of the state, stipulate forming of the scientifically grounded requirements of preparation of legislative decisions, directed on creation of the high-quality national legal system. Search of the most effective, rational and sufficient facilities and methods of update of legislative sources of criminal right, criminal judicial right, introduction of their achievements, in practice, establishment of balance, between confessedly principles and norms of international law, by the process of European integration and maintenance of originality, historical achievements of domestic science, accordance, the necessities of the Ukrainian state system, – forms the modern state of scientific looks to development and improvement of legislative base in the field of the law-enforcement system, fight against criminality, counteraction a corruption and realization of justice, in criminal realization.

On the basis of analysis of modern directions of update of criminal and criminal judicial legislation of Ukraine in a context made alteration and additions in the Criminal code of Ukraine, Criminal code of practice of Ukraine, suggestions of research workers are generalized in relation to the improvement of national criminal and criminal judicial legislation, outlined orienteers of the subsequent legislative providing of criminal legal and judicial sphere, author opinion is expressed in relation to the lines of his improvement.

It is indicated that legal science is called to react on actualization of problems and defects of current legislation, and also – to offer to the legislator ways and mechanisms of effective perfection of the legal field. It is noticed that the grounded positions must become subsoil of forming of conception of law, national programs of economic, social and cultural development, improvement of a particular branch blocks of national legislation. With the purpose of strengthening of intercommunication of legal science and law making it is suggested to accept state strategy in relation to basic principles of criminal legal policy and develop conception of penal and criminal judicial law on its basis.

Conclusions. Collect, that practice of domestic creation of norms in criminal and criminal judicial spheres characterized the certain overstatement of possibilities of legal norms in counteraction criminality. The existent tendency of a word for word transference of positions of running international agreements to text of law requires continuation of discussion in relation to categorizing of criminal offences in the context of the European criminal policy, sources of the criminal legal and judicial adjusting, forms and types of realization of criminal responsibility under the corner of modern practices of determination of quality, availability, exactness and predictableness of legislation.


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