Investment processes in the economy of Ukraine

Keywords: investing, investment activity, investment policy, investment process, capital investments.


The article is sanctified to the theoretical and practical questions of forming, estimation of sources of investing and determination of vectors of realization of public investment policy. Basic ideologies of representatives of different flows of mechanism of investing are distinguished in the article and reasonable, and also foreign practices of conduct of investment activity are presented. The tendencies of the state of capital investments are considered, in particular structure on sourcings, loud speaker and structure after the types of economic activity, growth rates, the estimation of their correlation is carried out to GDP and comparison of results with the recommended norms that testify to his low level of the economy growing in Ukraine.

The purpose of the article is research of evolution of investment models and processes at the home investment market.

Scientific novelty. Tendencies are reasonable in the field of investing and the level of providing capital investments is certain for the terms of effective economy and possibility of functioning of the extended recreation that allowed to offer the priority vectors of reformation of public investment policy in the context of specific unpossibilities of transformation economy.

Conclusions. An analysis showed that the basic sourcing of investments is remained by the personal funds of enterprises, there is a requirement in the increase of volumes of financial investments, by development of financial mediation and the most attractive sphere of investing is industry. There are the negative phenomena of investment processes in an agrarian sector, inconsolable prognosis in a short-term prospect in relation to activation of investment activity in agriculture, as potential investors planted oneself expectation of passing an act of appeal of earth. On results the conducted research investment processes are reasonable in a country, the problems of present time are exposed and pay attention by the question of realization of public investment policy in the context of world tendencies.


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