Updating monitoring phenomenology in legislation

  • R. V. Chornolutsky Doctor of Laws, Associate Professor of the Department of International Law Faculty of International Relations National Aviation University http://orcid.org/0000-0002-7672-0739
Keywords: monitoring, legal monitoring, lawmaking, law enforcement, stage and stage characteristics of lawmaking (rulemaking), methodology of legal monitoring.


In the current conditions of multifactorial and multi-level state and self-governmental modernization in Ukraine, the role and importance of the phenomenology of legal monitoring as an effective tool for overseeing the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of lawmaking, at all stages (stages) of its organization and implementation, including legal enforcement, is increasing. . This tendency is determined and is connected not only with the transition to market relations in the economy, but also with the construction of a new set of public-legal power relations at the central (political and administrative reform), regional (political, administrative and municipal reform), and local levels (administrative and municipal reforms), the resuscitation of a whole block of universal democratic private relations (property rights, land reform), which led to the emergence of new social institutions in the modern state, which puts the teleological dominants of the entry into the powerful integrations of interstate political-economic (European Union) and defense-military (NATO) alliances and unions, objectifying and actualizing not only quantitative but also qualitative parameters of norm-designing and rule-making (law-making), and and their specific result is the formation of such a powerful instrument as a system of legislation, which is the defining element of the reform of the state and society.


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