The asymmetry of the resource configuration and its destructive impact on the capitalization of agribusiness

  • I. Gryshova PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of the Legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
  • T. Shestakovska PhD, Senior Lecturer in Economics in Chernihiv National Technological University.
Keywords: resource configuration, the capitalization of business, the entities of agribusiness, economic conflicts, the assets of the company.


This article explores the theoretical and methodological approaches to determining the asymmetry of the resource configuration and its destructive impact on the capitalization of the agricultural business. The analysis of the current state of the configuration of assets of the entities of an agricultural business has been made. The set of measures for decontamination of the destructive influence of the resource asymmetry on the capitalization of agribusiness has been proposed in the following fields: the improvement of the organization of logistics; the shortening of the operating cycle through the intensification of production; the acceleration of the process of shipping the products and the execution of settlement documents, etc.


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