Reforming of modern local self-government system in Ukraine

  • H. M. Shaulska candidate of Science in Public Administration, senior consultant of the scientific and organizational department the Legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Keywords: civil society, state administration, local government, public administration system, public administration mechanisms


The article examines the issue of reforming the current model of local self-government in Ukraine. The author draws attention to the fact that it still contains a large number of remnants of the Soviet system, which impedes, among other things, the development of civil society. Indeed, local self-government, provided that an effective model operates, contributes to its development.

The purpose of the study, in addition to analyzing the reform of the current model of local self-government, is to provide some proposals for the formation of a new model. The analysis also helps to find out the mechanisms of public administration, the improvement of which will contribute to modernizing the system of public administration and the development of civil society in the country.

The scientific novelty of the article is to analyze the effectiveness of reforms on the subject of legal, organizational and financial autonomy of local self-government bodies. An attempt has been made to analyze legal autonomy, which consists in the functioning of powers, which are defined by the Constitution and other laws. Such powers should be complete and exclusive, within which the local self-government bodies are given the freedom to act in order to carry out their own initiatives on issues that fall within their competence. An assessment of organizational autonomy is made, which enables local authorities to independently determine their internal structure (according to local characteristics) in order to ensure effective management. It is stressed that organizing their activities within the framework of legislation, local self-government bodies should not be subordinated to other bodies. And administrative control over their activities can only take place in order to comply with constitutionality and legality. A brief analysis of the financial autonomy of local self-government bodies concerning the right within the state policy to own and freely dispose of its own funds in the exercise of its powers.

Conclusions. For the future model of public administration of Ukraine, local self-government has one of the priority values. Thanks to him, every citizen has the opportunity to feel that the realization of democracy is possible with the personal participation of everyone. And the constitutional right to freedom, among other things, is just through the right to local self-government. But for this, local self-government needs to be turned into efficient and effective, and its modern model will get rid of the remnants of the Soviet system, and the bodies fully restored legal, organizational and financial autonomy. Under such conditions, it is possible to create a multi-level model of public administration, building it from a person (and not a territorial community) as the main unit of this model.


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