From regulatory policy to state-private partnership in the public sector of Ukraine

  • V. Ye. Vorotin Doctor of Sciences in Public Administration, Professor, Head of the department of complex problems of state-building of the Institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
  • V. M. Prodanyk Master of Public Administration, Applicant of the Institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Keywords: public administration, public-private partnership, sphere of entrepreneurship, regulatory policy, reforming and modernization.


The article deals with theoretical issues of the state regulatory policy and public-private partnership in the conditions of implementation and improvement of public administration of entrepreneurship in Ukraine. The ways and mechanisms of public-private partnership have been revealed, in particular, the distinction between state and public partnership in Ukraine has been researched.

The purpose of the article. The purpose of this paper is to clarify the interpretation of the English term «public-private partnership» as a public-private partnership as separate administrative categories, the application of which is related to the mechanisms of public administration in the country. Explore the latest trends in the formation of such partnerships in national economic practice.

Scientific novelty. Under present conditions of economic activity, the public sector and public-private partnership, which gradually modify the relations that were laid down by regulatory policy in Ukraine, are in the first position the priority direction of changes in the management of the national economic complex, especially in the conditions of its critical state. Optimization of such relationships can be achieved through the implementation of various forms of public-private partnership. It is expedient to explain the current phenomenon of public-private partnership in view of the need to create public goods under the conditions of resource constraints, and the mechanism of public-private partnership – as such that can be used in public administration and regulation.

The work stipulates that the state regulatory policy, as well as public-private partnership, is aimed at preventing the adoption of economically inappropriate and ineffective regulatory acts, reducing state interference in the activities of economic entities and removing obstacles to the development of economic activity. In the current conditions of the development of market relations, it is within the framework of a public-private partnership that a rather innovative model of public administration and regulation has been formed. However, without the real and timely assistance of the state, without its partnership with modern business, it is almost impossible to build an innovation market and move on to an efficient business model.

Conclusions. For Ukraine, the use of the mechanism of public-private partnership can guarantee social stability and increase the efficiency of management of the management system. However, the transition process is complicated by internal contradictions – corruption, unfair competition, rather low quality of public services, etc. Under such conditions, the reformation and modernization in these areas becomes apparent.


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