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Author Guidelines

To the attention of the authors!


submitted for publication in «Scientific Papers of the Legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine»

         1. Articles with new scientific results which are not previously published in other editions are sent to the journal.

         2. The article should contain the following mandatory elements:

a problem statement in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;

analysis of recent researches and publications, in which the problem solving was initiated and the author is based on, allocation of previously unsettled parts of the general problem to which this article is devoted;

formation of the purpose of the article (statement of the task);

an outline of the main research material with a full substantiation of the obtained scientific results;

conclusions from this study and prospects for further exploration in this direction.

       3. The information in the article is presented in the following sequence:

– Universal Decimal Classification Code (UDCC);

– Surname and name of the author(s) of the article, scientific degree, academic rank, position and place of work, ORCID, e-mail address;

– the title of the article;

– annotation (not less than 1800 printable characters). Mandatory elements of the annotation should be: the purpose of the article, scientific novelty, methodology, conclusions;

– key words (no more than 8 words / phrases).

Information about the authors, title of the article, annotation and keywords must be submitted in two languages – in English and in Ukrainian.

text of the article (see point 2 of the Requirements);

– references – is given in the order of citation (without repeats) and is manually numbered. The list should contain only those references which are in the text. There must be a link to the latest domestic and foreign research. References in the article to used materials are made in square brackets. References is designed in accordance with the international style of the publication of scientific publications APA (American Psychological Association) style. The names of periodicals (journals) are given in accordance with the official Latin spelling of the registration number ISSN. The designation of the original language (for example: [in Ukrainian]) and the DOI numeric identifier (if it is available) should be added to the source.

  1. The volume of the scientific article, including annotations and references, should make 15–40 thousand printable characters, taking into account the spaces.
  2. The electronic version of the article should correspond to the example. Pages in the article are not numbered; there should be no macros, automatic numbered and marketed lists, word transfers; quotes in the article are presented as « ».
  3. Articles are submitted in paper form (with signature of the author (s) and date posted) and on the electronic medium (can be sent by e-mail to Example file name: Ivanenko_article.doc.
  4. The License agreement is filled and signed by the author(s) separately. The agreement enters into force after the adoption of the article for publication. The signing of the Agreement indicates that author(s) are familiar with and agree with its terms. The scanned version of the Agreement is attached as a separate file. Example file name: Ivanenko_agreement.doc.
  5. An article submitted without compliance with these requirements is not subject to publication. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit the manuscript, reduce it, change the title of the article. The submitted materials (manuscripts) and electronic media are not returned by the editor.
  6. The authors of articles are responsible for the content and reliability of the submitted materials, as well as the correctness of the translation.
  7. Articles are published free of charge. Fee for publishing is not paid.
  8. Submission of articles for publication in the «Scientific Papers of the Legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine» is the consent of the authors for collection and processing personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine «On protection of personal data».


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